Two Former Eurovision singers performing in New York City

Two Former Eurovision singers performing in New York City

Two Estonian-born singers Ott Lepland (ESC2012) and Tanja (ESC2014) singers will be giving a joint intimate concert in New York City as part of the Estonian Cultural Days taking place from April 5-9. Two Eurovision stars will be performing their latest music on April 8th, 7.45PM at the New York Estonian House (243 E 34th St).


As expected, host-country Ukraine announced earlier today, 22 March, that Russian entrant, Yulia Samoylova is banned  from entering the country for three years following her 2015 visit to annexed Crimea, violating local legislation. This obviously means, she won't be able to participate at the upcoming 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kiyv, this coming May. 

Samoylova admitted she  participated in a 2015 concert in Crimea to promote sport, just a  year after the peninsula was annexed by Russia. 

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), following this news, has released the following  statement: "It has been confirmed to the EBU that the Ukrainian authorities have issued a travel ban on the Russian artist chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest, Julia Samoylova, as she has been judged to have contravened Ukrainian law by entering Crimea in order to perform. We have to respect the local laws of the host country, however we are deeply disappointed in this decision as we feel it goes against both the spirit of the Contest, and the notion of inclusive that lies at the heart of its values. We will continue a dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities with the aim of ensuring that all artists can perform at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv in May.".

Later on, the EBU suggested Julia would remain in Russia and perform via satellite, a much welcome compromise which unfortunately was rejected by both parties. 

We remain hopeful this situation is quickly resolved where all countries are allowed to participate and perform while respecting host country's law.

Host country to decide on Russian singer's participation

Just a couple of days, on Sunday, Russia announced that former X Factor star, Julia Samoylova, would  represent her country in Kiyv this year. Julia, who has been using a wheel-chair since childhood, is scheduled to  perform her entry "Flame Is Burning" during the second semi-final  on May 11th. However, shortly after the announcement it was host country Ukraine who is now trying to disqualify Julia's participation.  Ukraine said Monday that it may bar Julia from entering the country, on the grounds that she illegally toured Crimea after Russia annexed the peninsula back in 2014. The singer has confirmed  that she indeed sang in Crimea. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Jon Ola Sand, EBU's  Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, has stated in a press conference that “we fully respect and understand the laws of Ukraine, but from the point of European Broadcasting Union (EBU) we have no objections to the Russian delegation and do not see any violations on their part.”  Having said that, the EBU is giving the final decision to the Ukrainian government as to whether Julia can enter the country to compete in May and  "will respect it".  A final decision will be made in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

Times Square's Tonic hosts annual Melodifesitvalen party

In what has become a NYC Eurovision tradition, Time Square's Tonic Bar hosted its annual Melodifestivalen viewing party!

More than 150 eager Eurovision fans, Swedes in NYC, and friends of, gathered on Saturday, 11 March 2017, to watch together over some food, drinks and good company the final of the Swedish selection to Eurovision, aka, Melodifestivalen. For many, Melodifestivalen is a mini Eurovision or the official kick off event for Eurovision season. 

After one of the closest and nail biting votes in years, Robin Bengtsson ended up winning with I Can't Go On. 


Credit: Alex Goldberg  

Credit: Alex Goldberg  

credit: Julio Moscoso 

credit: Julio Moscoso 

Welcome to our EUROVISION

Welcome to  our EUROVISION

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